About us Impeccable Rugs Inc.

About us Impeccable Rugs Inc. We are pleased and proud to introduce to you our company. Your oriental rug clening company, specialize in oriental rugs and all types of rugs. ( Not wall to wall, carpet ).

We are a registered and based company in Florida with the register number L987678 which offer services mainly in the Collier and Lee counties.

Our Rug cleaning plant located in 6245 Janes Lane, Unit D. Naples, Florida. 34109, is in a constant process of innovation so that we can fulfill our mission every day, taking into consideration and respecting our values, employees and environment.

Working for 10 years in the rug cleaning industry, we often talked even more with the customers and noticed always there is a story or memories behind of most of the rugs, and the most important there are real faces who are directly identified with their rugs, so decided to build a rug cleaning company that was able to take care of all the rugs with the same care for all of them.

Because to fulfill this aim have gathered a qualified group of professionals who have designed methods, process and procedures with quality standards, both of cleaning and administrative which let us try each case as unique and separately. 

Our internal process is transparent for the customer; you will love all the technological platform, our friendly team and the interactive web-page which makes the whole experience in pleasure, from the moment you make contact with us until we deliver your rug. Feeling that your rug, memories and the stories have been in good hands.

Our awards, reviews, partners, credentials and your satisfaction are our main presentation letter so that you can trust on us.

Consequently, if you are looking for the right company to clean your rug you have found the most reliable in the southwest of Florida.  Make the next step and take advance of our welcome new customer promotion.

Thanks for visit us.


Bringing back the original beauty of every rug we clean to feel our customer satisfaction. 


Be the leader in the market of rug cleaning. Innovating and always providing unique differences that identify our brand and make us always more competitive.


Passion, Excellence, quality, innovation, and honesty are our main values. We enjoy and we are excited with our work so we look for perfection, giving to our customer the maximum quality in our service.

We changing, evolving, and adapting to the new challenges constantly and all of this being coherent with what we think, feel, do and say.

About us Impeccable Rugs Inc. Call at: (239) 673-0060 or Contact Us!

About us Impeccable Rugs Inc.We are pleased and proud to introduce to your oriental rug clening company.We specialize in oriental rugs and all types of rugs