Rugs Spots Removal. Wine, Rusty, Blood, Chewing Gum, Coffee, Faded, Food, Glue, Grease, Ink, Oil, Paint, Plaster, Beverages, and other stains.

Accidents happen Drinks are spilled, food is dropped, dirt is brought in with our shoes, or just a pet does what it should not do there on the rug.

Replacing rugs is expensive, so when stains happen, we use the best available formulas to address the problem and fix it.

Not all spots are the same and that is why they cannot be managed the same with the same treatment or with the same formula.

Rugs Spots Removal

The first thing is to identify the stain:

knowing what caused the stain helps us to select the best formula and the best treatment.

There are three basic types of stains: water-based, organic and oil-based. For example, food and drinks are the main culprits of water-based stains.

Organic stains are the body fluids excreted by pets and humans.

These stains need an enzyme-based stain remover to consume and literally stain proteins and odor molecules.

Let’s be clear, although pets are not to blame they are messy! If you have a pet and some rug in the house, then it is necessary to use this type of stain and odor remover formulated especially for pets.

These formulas not only remove stains and odors with enzymes but also disinfect 99.9% of the stain, eliminating bacteria that you do not see.

Finally, there are oil-based stains that require another type of solvent to break down the fat molecules so that they can be removed from the rug fibers.

These are one of the most difficult spots to remove because most of the rugs sold today are made of petroleum-based fibers such as polyester and olefin that trap and retain the fat molecules.

Our special treatments and our formula selection effectively remove even the most difficult stains, from wine, rust, blood, gum, coffee, vomit, food, glue, grease, ink, oil, paint, plaster, animal excrement, drinks , cosmetics and other spots.

We are experts in oriental rugs spots removal.

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