At impeccable Rugs, Inc. we perform the oriental rug cleaning service in six sections to guaranty perfection.

Steps for the oriental rug Cleaning Service

We receive the rugs in the cleaning plant at 6245 Janes Lane, Unit D, NAPLES, FL, 34109

Once in the plant, we placed extended the rugs on the supervision area and proceed to the inspection .

Our experts make an accurate treatment due to their experience and knowledge .

After performing the inspection, we tag the rug again , then we procedure to dust the rug.

without dusting the dust would become mud and the odor would remain.

Then the rug is totally dust and waste-free and ready to be finally be washed.

We use a special dusting machine which make the soil ,waste and mites come from the weave.

As a result, the next step after dusting is washing.

At impeccable Rugs, Inc. we perform the oriental rug cleaning service in six sections to guarantee perfection.

Therefore the 6 sections are the following:

  • – we Apply the special treatments according to each case.
  • -we Soak and spread ecological detergent and soap on the dry rug.
  • -The Scrubbing (20 inches wide Disk Brushes) with adjusting of slight and strong pressure up to 120 Kg.  For a deep cleaning process, we scrubbing the rugs in every direction.
  • -We rinse the rugs with pressure over 150 bar, using nozzles adapted to dispend several kinds of water flow.
  • -We repeat the previous sections several times both sides as many times as needed.
  • – fringes are cleaned by hand.

Thus, both in the manual and automatic washing, the sections are the same.

There are cashing water systems on the bottom which after filtering the water can be reused.

All our products and rug shampoos contain a balanced PH.

Pretreats or Treatments Specialized.

With correct diagnosis begins the correct treatment.

The pre-treatments or specialized treatments are varied, an example is to immerse the rug completely in water with the appropriate chemical solution according to what the rug suffers and without the use of brushes, as water currents are generated in the tanks where the rug is submerged, makes the rug ripple in an “S” shape, opening the fabrics and penetrating to the deepest level to clean, remove stains or remove odors.

Another example of pre-treatment for rugs consists in passing the water and the chemical solution through the rug tissues through a membrane that sucks the solution poured with the water.


A rug spends several days to dry up with the sun.​

So that the time of drying decrease dramatically and your rug can be delivered quickly, it is necessary a centrifuge which is an apparatus that uses centrifugal force to take off the water from the rug​

The function of the centrifuge removes the water from the rug extremely quickly after washing and rinsing process. It removes up to  95 %  of the water.

therefore the whole dried process takes a maximum of 6 hours, moreover, the centrifuge has other functions very important as decrease completely the discoloration of the stripes and avoids the deformation of the rug.​

The centrifuge force pushes out the water out the rug. And in 3 minutes 95 % of the water is gone.​

The humidity missing is eliminated in special drying rooms or with the solar light.

Fringe Cleaning.

We count with gentle ecological detergents especially for been used on fringes which avoid these be damaged or worn out.

The fringes are a type of ornament consisting of a series of strings or threads of similar length placed in parallel hanging from a strip of cloth, in this case, a rug.

In handmade oriental rugs, the fringe is the extension of the warp threads, that is, the set of threads that are placed on the loom parallel to each other to form the rug and knotted at the ends to ensure that the plot and the knots do not fray. 

Warps, which are generally the heaviest yarn in a rug, could be made of wool, cotton or silk and are usually undyed

This means that each strand is part of the rug skeleton.

Therefore, it must be done by a specialized technician to guarantee the best possible result.

In machine-made rugs, the cleaning is exactly the same. The fringes are not part of its structure or frame, so you can undo and remove old strips, damaged or dirty and add new ones.

Finished and packaged.

When the rug is completely dry, we proceed to vacuum it and brush it in order to enhance its beauty, brightness, and colors. This process must be performed in the nap or pile direction.

As soon as the conveyor begins to move automatically the brushes begin to crawl on the carpet combing it. A high-power suction system connected to the table goes at the same time vacuuming the carpet; the materials that come out of the carpets are sucked and are trapped in the dust bag.

With LED lighting in front of the brushes, the finest details can easily be seen on the carpet while brushing, here the final quality control begins before being packed for delivery.

Quality Control.

we have developed procedures in each stage of the cleaning process which let us give the same treatment for all rugs so that we obtain the same quality in the outcome.

We are in the process to get the ISO9001 quality certification.

The final step focus on the final quality finish before the rugs are delivered.

We check manually all the details as .

Our customers perception is very important for us.


Our professional team will delivery and set the rug

You have already had the great experience when our staff collected you rug.

Now is the time to evaluate the result.

you will be wonder by how impeccable your rug is.

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