Rug care fiber protection product are a modern wonder, it makes an invisible barrier or shell which protect the yarn against the water and oil stains.

When spilling occur, spills accumulate on the top of the fiber, which facilitates its dried before penetrating, so you have more time to remove the liquid from the place before it becomes in a stain, this helps insuring the rug keeps spotless longer.​

Other rug care yarn protection

Another kind of yarn protection is against the UV solar beams. The solar beams fade the colours and deteriorating the weaved of the rug.​

These yarn protectors contain a UV inhibitor which helps to reduce discoloration from the harmful effect of UV solar beams, protecting the textile colours, especially the bright and vibrant.​

Both kinds of protectors can be applied with a time interval on a rug. ​

Impeccable Rugs, Inc. uses the best products existing in the market.

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Rug care fiber protection. At Impeccable Rugs Inc, we use the best products, creating a barrier that protects the yarn against UV, water and oil stains.