Oriental Rugs Repair & Restoration: Accidents happen and rugs can be damaged, or over time the rugs can deteriorate losing their beauty and value. At Impeccable Rugs, we help maintain the value and beauty of your rugs by repairing or restoring them to their original condition.

Therefore whatever the cause of the damage or deterioration your rug will be in the right hands with professionals who know what they do.

We will take care of all the details for your complete satisfaction.

Probably your oriental rugs repair & restoration needs one or more of these services:

Oriental Rugs Repair & Restoration

  • Hand or machine surging to bind edge weft .
  • Overcasting to protect exposed warps loops.
  • Patching.
  • Edge reinforcement.
  • Stitching of tears and cuts.
  • Installing loops or sleeves for wall mounting.
  • Flat weaving.
  • Rubber stripping or backing.
  • Curling prevention.
  • Shearing Rug stretching or blocking.
  • Adding on new fringe / Replacing fringe.

As you can tell, we are expert in repairing Oriental and fine rugs , we can give back the original or similar features to a rug with structure damage , if you have losing or damage edge we can bind them or if you fringes are worn out the right overcasting can be made for giving live to you rug again.

Do you want cut or trim a oversize or damage rug ? We can do that for you .

Do you want to place you beautiful tapestry on the wall , we can place hanger or strap at the rear.

Do you have creases or wrinkles on your needle point rug and want to stretch them ? We can do that for you , maybe you stored your rug folded.

Do you cat or pet picked out the yarn out of the rug pile? We have the perfect tool to repair those damage on the rugs

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