How it works Impeccable Rugs to help to keep the value and the beauty of your rugs

How it works in 4 easy steps.

1 Do you have a rug to clean?

2 We come to pick it up!

3 We give your rug the care and treatment it needs.

4 We return it clean, impeccable and fragrant.

How It works Impeccable Rugs. It is so easy!

Cleaning your rug with us is easy. All you need to do is schedule a pickup, either by the telephone (+1-239-673-0060), WhatsApp, e-mail, our online tool, or just by entering Contact Us“. You will then get an estimate before your scheduled collection.

After the scheduled pick we will do an initial inspection, tagged, uploading data to the logistics and management software and Rug Pick Up) – The customer will get an initial quotation.

Once the rugs are in our cleaning department, we will start the cleaning process.

Upon cleaning your rug you can either collect it or we can install it for you. Our team will also give you a little survey which you are welcome to fill in if you like.

Finally, an invoice will be an issued and you will have several options of payment:​

  • Credit Card.
  • Through our Website.
  • Check.​
  • Cash.

Call at: (239) 673-0060 or Contact Us!

We help to keep the value and the beauty of your rugs in 4 easy steps.