Rug Cleaning at home or with a pick up company

We have no doubt that a pick up and delivery rug cleaning company is the best option .

we will mention some pros and cons that in our opinion are important when making the decision specially if you want to clean a Oriental RUG .

What is the best?

These would be some pros of a pick up and delivery rug cleaning company

  • They clean the rug both sides several times
  • Their warehouse has the machines and professionals rug cleaner in place to warranty each step in the rug cleaning process .
  • Most of the companies can work in each damage of you rug such us pet urine -(neutralizing the enzymes), wine stain , coffee stain etc.
  • They will not wet you floor or Rug Pad so they will not damage them
  • The recommended method for cleaning natural fiber (wool, cotton and silk) rugs is a traditional manual rug cleaning but with the new technologies .
  • They take out 100% of the dust , waste contaminates and germs from the deep part of the rug. Heavy duty vacuum clean prior to shampooing.

On Another hands at home company is more problematic , usually they have to install hoses from a truck and they steam the rugs with chemical which are more proper for wall to wall carpet and not for oriental and fine rugs.

The Pick up and delivery company usually are expert in Rug, Fine and Oriental Rugs , they can Repair your rug, Advise and tell you what kind of rug you have, the age , if it is valuable.

They can offer you the best Rug pad for the type of rugs you own and recommend what to buy .

After describing the differences between the 2 kind of companies, you can make better decisions at the moment of decide what company to call to perform the cleaning rug service .

Good luck !!!

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