All our prices are per square feet.

So multiply the length by the width of your rug and get the square footage and fill out the last frame with the result to get the price.

If you have more than two rugs, add the square feet and again fill out the last square.

If the rug is round multiplied by two its diameter.




Rugs padding price service

Need I buy a rug pad?

Always a rug pad is necessary for the protection of the  RUG AND FLOOR.

As a result, Impeccable Rugs provides the best pad quality which works for all floors and all rugs types: fine oriental, tufted, machine-made, etc.

The use of a  rug pad area extends the life, beauty, and strength of your rugs and serves as a protective cushion against everyday friction that could degrade the quality of the rug, it prevents scratches, blemishes, and damages to your floor.

The cushioning provides a comfortable feel underfoot, and the keeps you rug flat without any irregularity as wrinkling, bunching, etc.

Rug pad area is perfect for non –slip grip, it is the best way to avoid slipping and sliding in any area, keeping your rug adhered to any surface.

It allows breathing both rug and floor due to the airflow generate between them.

Our Rug pad is designed and manufactured ecologically with 100% natural rubber and felt which use recycling material, due to the high quality of our rug-pad this does not get scratched or stained, therefore it last forever.

Impeccable Rugs have the best rugs padding price service!

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